New additions to Maison Lairoux Holiday Homes in 2018

New for 2018 at Maison Lairoux Holiday Homes

Our holiday season for 2017 carried on into October this year, so we finally managed to grab a holiday at the beginning of November! This year we headed much further south - and ended up in Tenerife. The sun was shining and the island was great for exploring. Spent lots of time wandering around the volcanoes in the centre of the island and took part in a couple of organised walks through the rugged landscape - climbed/hiked down the Masca Gorge for 4 hours (really difficult!!) and hiked along the mountain trails with some spectacular views from the top.
On the 1st January 2018 we were hit by a tornado ripping through our part of the village! We have spent the last couple of months sorting out the damage and talking to our insurance company. This is now all coming to an end (Mid-March) and everything will be back to normal very shortly! We lost part of the roof to our house, lots of tiles flew off the roof in L’Ecurie, my greenhouse was destroyed, and a couple of our shutters were ripped to pieces. Very frustrating that it has taken so long to sort out, but glad that we can see light at the end of the tunnel!

Changes to L'Ecurie and Le Vieux Café in the winter of 2017/2018

This winter we didn’t have too much to do in the holiday homes! (Hurray!!)

- installed new double glazing in every window / door to the holiday home
- Changed the curtains in the living and dining room
- Added a new Senseo Coffee machine
- New bathroom toiletries - nice hand cream and liquid soap

Le Vieux Café:

- Removed the pergola from outside of the house - to be replaced with a more solid wooden one.
- The front facade of the house has been professionally cleaned
- Added a new Senseo Coffee Maker
- New bathroom toiletries - nice hand cream and liquid soap

Here are some photos of the works completed…..
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And finally… we have set up a page on Instagram to publicise Maison Lairoux

We post lots of images of the local Vendée area, wildlife and tourist attractions - so, if you use Instagram, please feel free to comment on our images, and if you post any images whilst on holiday - use the hashtag #maisonlairoux and then we can comment back!

And of course, please share our Instagram page with lots of your family and friends!

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Here are a few of our holiday snaps from Tenerife….
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